The Moving Maze – System and the Units (Art Project Presentation)

Yiou Wang & Yujie Wang (2021). Art Machines 2: International Symposium on Machine Learning and Art 2021 ,10th-13th June 2021.


In a system, complexities arise from the simplest and most elementary things. A brainchild of our gamer philosophy, the Moving Maze is a maze that could move its parts methodically in response to the player’s movement, as if a chess player were vying with the chessboard. We design a method that generates an unpredictable and self-renewable system with fragmental movement according to simple gamer-interactive rules, in which the gamer achieves the joy of navigating through discovering these moving rules and smartly rerouting with human-specific flexibility of mind.

Art Project Abstract: View PDF

Pre-recorded Presentation video:

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