Yiou Wang is a multimedia artist, architect, game designer and researcher. With backgrounds in psychology and architecture, Yiou is primarily interested in using video game and mixed realities to explore mechanisms of indeterminate systems, the ontology of game spaces and their social enaction, environmental agency and the sense of sentience in non-human entities. As an artist, Yiou’s projects engage in novel game mechanisms and dialogue with cross-pollinations from science and technology. As an architectural designer, Yiou is a maze-maker and proponent of non-human-centered architecture, anchoring design explorations of a counter-narrative of Modernism on ludius loci – the player of places. As a scholar, Yiou’s intellectual fascination is embodied in but not limited to research on architectural theory, narrative, game studies, beauty and beast, and linguistics.

Yiou is a “professional amateur” – measured by only depth but not category –  engaging in a nonlinear intellectual provocation through space, time, and systems of agency, aiming to tune up subdivisions of what has been obscure, to unearth what has been subtle.

Yiou is currently a Master of Architecture student at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and she has practiced in the US, China, and Denmark.