Yiou Wang is an experimental multimedia artist and game/interaction designer whose works explore nonhuman agency, mind-body relations, myth, and the environment through game, video, extended realities, BCI, painting, and immersive interactive installation. With backgrounds in social science and architecture, Yiou constructs picture-worlds in the convergence of the ancient mythology and future science fiction as dual but nonbinary modes of worldbuilding. Yiou’s research-based projects mediates artistic and technological interrogation on transhumanism and the production of biomythical cosmologies – organismal, machinic, and environmental. Yiou’s works have appeared in art festivals and galleries in the U.S, Canada, and China including SXSW.

Yiou Wang (b. 1996) is a master’s student at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, cofounder of Mixanthropy Art Tech Studio and Mimetik, and Harvard Mind Brain Behavior Fellow. Yiou holds a BS degree from Duke University and has worked in the U.S., China, Denmark, and Canada.


An imaginary shapeshifting journey about the body in transition, visual, and behavioral.


Where New Media Meets Theatre

Real-time mocap-driven gamified platform that revolutionize dance game and artist techno co-creations .