Upcoming Residency

As part of Sociability of Sleep collective, Yiou will reappear in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal in December 2022 through March 2023 for an artist residency working on a project called Morphai.

Mimetik won!

Through a single cell phone camera, Mimetik is the first mocap-driven gamified platform that enables dance game with tokenized moves, metaverse scenography, and digital avatar fashion. Among 500+ participants and 100+ teams from the top universities in the world we got  1st in Entertainment track and the Meta award for Best Metaverse Innovation.

Sociability of Sleep Retreat

Yiou was invited for a Sociability of Sleep retreat in a forest in Québec, where the artist-researcher-intellectual group enjoyed talks on the epistemologies and equity of sleep, workshops, wine, hot tub, and bird songs.

Yiou is joining TAG

Yiou joined TAG (Technoculture, Art and Games Research Center) in July 2022, working closely with Prof. Martin French on the speculative Privacy Pedagogies Project. In addition, Yiou is working with video game expert, NextGen’s Christopher Gibbs on the imaginative visual storytelling concept design for Future City Playground.

Mixanthropy Launched Their Own Website

You Can Follow My Brainchild Mixanthropy’s NEW DEVELOPMENT Directly on Instagram! Mixanthropy (& Meichun) also has their own website now. Check this out!

Mixanthropy Update:

July 10th, 2022

This is a small trailer video that envisions “Mixanthropy” in a hologram exhibition installation. “Mixanthropy” has been shown in a hologram on May 10th but it does not stop there. Yiou and Meichun are working on new developments of this project, including a new website to be announced, and an Instagram page.

Living Garment NFT Drop

The series is called Living Garment, and its link is here. Living Garment is a conceptual 4D digital fashion collection. Growth is created procedurally that transforms the appearance of the garment as the subject ages. Yiou’s address is here..