Winner of Best Entertainment Prize from HackHarvard 2022

Winner of 1st place in Metaverse Category from HackHarvard 2022

Mimetik is a real-time motion capture gamified platform. We translate real movement through a single iPhone camera to an Augmented Puppet, building a versatile virtual space with many possibilities. Through mocap-driven gaming, metaverse scenography, interaction, and AR fashion, Mimetic extends digital literacy and the concept of augmented puppetry, merges performance and media arts, and makes the virtuality more immersive. This project was first designed and developed during the one-day HackHarvard event in October, 2022. It is currently being continued, with focus on gaming possibilities and identity diversification bridging movement and imagination.

A project by: Yiou Wang, Eduardo Schuch, Ismael Xique, Kai Jiao

Game designer and developer: Yiou Wang

3D environment art: Kai Jiao

Slide deck: Eduardo Schuch and Ismael Xique

Presentation actor: Eduardo Schuch

Voice over: Ismael Xique