Water Always Goes Where It Wants to Go


CG short film with digital ecoperformance.

“Water Always Goes Where It Wants to Go” is an ecoperformance short film of the body in synergy with the storied landscape of water. How can we go back to something we already have? We are born out of water, and water constitutes our body, our territories, and our myths. Mapping water through the body, in between transitory space for waters, the short film investigates the relationship between the self, its embodied and somatic dialogues, and these physical and symbolic waters, questioning how we can return to our first water, the common body.

Artistic concept: Yiou Wang & Alina Tofan
Direction & Scenography: Yiou Wang
Motion Capture Ecoperformance: Alina Tofan
Sound Design: Ștefan Blănică
Produced by: Mixanthropy Art Tech Studio & Plastic Art Collective