Morphai is a media x performance quest to bring one’s dreamed self synchronously to the waking world, through sleep performance and data-driven avatar. Morphai is a Sociability of Sleep project by multimedia artist Yiou Wang and will be exhibited in Montreal from June 13 to July 9, curated by Alanna Thain and Aleks Kaminska, exhibition design by Marianne Cloutier. It started with the idea that one enters a different realm of consciousness in one’s dream, therefore the dreamed self is an alter ego of the waking self. Morpheus is the god of dreams in Greek mythology and he sends to the dreamer a human shape called Morphai. Morphai represents a person’s dreamed self, an altered state of consciousness that embarks on different adventures than their waking self. This project is under development for Yiou’s Montreal residency. The following are the exhibition previews: